Using the Collection

There are three different approaches to navigating the over 3,900 item primary source material collection. Depending on whether you want a broad, specific, or contextualized approach to viewing the Boston Public Schools Desegregation Collection, one of the options below might work best for you.

Searching the DPLA:

All of the material gathered in the Boston Public Schools Desegregation is located all together on the Digital Public Library of America site and is searchable through the widget above. We provide information on how to search through the widget as well as how to embed the widget on your own website.  Searching on the DPLA is a great choice if you are looking to browse a large and broad set of materials. 

Using the Beyond Busing website:

This portal, hosted by Northeastern University, serves as a hub for resources interpreting the archival material about school desegregation in Boston and documentation of the work of creating this collection. Resources include timelines, maps, and exhibits as tools to aid your understanding of school desegregation in Boston. Browsing through this portal is a great choice if you are looking for more context and narrative about Boston School Desegregation.

Using institutions’ collections:

Each archive that contributed to the Boston Public Schools Desegregation Collection holds a unique collection of perspectives and documents related to school desegregation in Boston. Our About the Collaborators page features descriptions of and links to the collections that comprise the Boston Public Schools Desegregation Collection. If you are interested in exploring one perspective or scope of school desegregation in Boston use this page as a way to locate sources of interest.