Educational Materials

Educators can use these pages to find primary source materials, curricula, and interpretive tools to support the educational use of the Boston Public School Desegregation Collection.

Finding primary source materials from the Collection

The Boston Public Schools Desegregation Collection has over 4,000 items from Boston area archives to explore. There are many ways to use and explore this collection. You can search, browse, or read more contextual materials on this portal. See below for an option that best suits how you want to explore the collection.

Curricular Materials

To find curricular materials on the history of school desegregation utilizing primary source materials from the Boston Public School Desegregation Collection visit: Curricular Materials

Interpretive Tools and Resources

To find additional resources on the archival materials and interpretive tools such a digital exhibits, timelines, and maps that provide more context and narrative about the history of Boston School Desegregation visit: Resources