BPS Desegregation Project: EAC-CPF Records and Access

Guest Post by Elizabeth Coup, 10/12/16 Throughout the summer and fall of 2016, I am working with Northeastern University’s Archives and Special Collections and more specifically their portion of the materials that have been scanned for the Boston Public Schools Desegregation Project, creating EAC-CPF (Encoded Archival Context – Corporate Bodies, Persons, and Families) records.  I am […]

The Media and Boston Public Schools Desegregation

  When the court-ordered desegregation of the Boston Public School system led to controversial practice of busing in the 1970s, the local and national media covered it prolifically. Pictures of protests and school buses flanked by police officers made for eye-catching footage. But as Phase II of Busing approached in September of 1975, some residents […]

BPS Desegregation Project: Q+A with Marilyn Morgan and Omeka.net

This Q and A was reprinted from  http://info.omeka.net/2016/03/site-highlight-stark-and-subtle-divisions/  with permission by Giordana Mecagni, 3/28/16 Archivist, historian, educator, and baker of all things chocolate, Marilyn Morgan (@mare_morgan), investigates—and encourages students to explore—social trends, cultural stereotypes, and discrimination throughout American history. Her class site, Stark & Subtle Divisions: A Collaborative History of Segregation in Boston, showcases letters, photographs, […]

BPS Desegregation Project: Pedagogical Exhibits

Guest Post: Giordana Mecagni, 4/8/16 BPS Desegregation Project would like to highlight two wonderful exhibits built by students from Desegregation related collections. Stark & Subtle Divisions: A Collaborative History of Segregation in Boston http://bosdesca.omeka.net/ Created by graduate students in the History and American Studies departments at UMass Boston, this site showcases letters, photographs, legal documents, artifacts, and […]

BPS Desegregation Project: Using metadata to support collaborative collections

Subject headings The simplest way to collocate our materials in a shared portal like Digital Commonwealth or DPLA is to consistently apply an agreed upon subject heading. There are numerous Library of Congress Subject Headings (LCSH) and Thesaurus of Graphic Materials (TGM) topical terms that could be applied to desegregation materials, including: Busing for school […]

BPS Desegregation Project: Commencement

The 2014-2015 school year marked the 40th anniversary of Boston Public School (BPS)’s court-ordered school desegregation. To commemorate this event, BPS is building a multi-grade curricular unit for students to study the city’s school desegregation and “busing” crisis. Before this unit was created, students learned about integration efforts only through the case study of Little […]